Recruitment Process Outsourcing

To fulfill increased hiring demands, companies are now focusing on external services providers or RPO. Recruitment Process Outsourcing is also known as Business Process Outsourcing where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment process to an external services provider. This reduces the time and cost of hiring, and the organization gets the best possible talent.

ABP Management Services is an RPO provider offer services that include job description development, job advertising, job posting, sourcing, response handling, screening, assessment, interview scheduling, and logistics, offer execution, system compliance, onboarding, and Human Resource Information System(HRIS) data entry management.

We provide tailored made end-to-end RPO services to clients by leveraging ABP database, expertise and technology.


Our RPO solutions:


Enterprise RPO(eRPO): Company-wide outsourcing of most or all of the sourcing and recruitment process.



Project RPO(pRPO): The services are limited for a specific period of time or for specific positions.



Point-of-Services (posRPO): Companies pick and choose which aspect of the recruitment process they need assistance with and would want to outsource.