Indian Retail Industry has seen enormous growth in past few years owing to affluent middle class, rapid urbanization, large investment and solid growth of the internet. Indian retail market is basically categorized into Organized Retail and Unorganized Retail Market, latter being the majority contributor. To ensure an imminent future in the retail industry and the creation of better options for the customers, both organized and unorganized retail companies have to work in collaboration with each other. With the launching of FDI in the retail sector, India has allowed global players to enter highly dynamic and fast-growing Indian markets. Digital technology is also playing a flattering role in making retail sector accessible from home and offices. Its reach is not just limited to urban areas but is now also available in rural areas.

The subsequent prospect of this industry is positive with rising incomes, favorable demographics, and entry of international brands, digital transformation, and increasing urbanization. It has also created a demand for educated, skilled and trained labor in the country.

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