DTP Operator

  1. Utilizing publishing tools, equipment, and software packages to create and produce a variety of high-quality curriculum and communication materials for schools in close coordination with Ops team.
  2. Accurately incorporating text and graphic images, designing page layouts, charts, graphs, and relevant computer graphics by selecting, importing, and editing graphic images used to enhance the impact of the materials.
  3. Using DTP software to produce a layout for each page of the publication Selecting formatting, such as the size and style of type, column width and spacing
  4. Selecting and checking colours
  5. Using scanners to turn drawings, photographs and other materials into digital images
  6. Producing graphics such as diagrams, charts and tables
  7. Re-sizing design elements to fit the page
  8. Making sure images are positioned near the relevant portion of text
  9. Making sure that each page and the document as a whole, is uncluttered and well balanced
  10. Software Known:- • Corel Draw • Page Maker • Adobe Illustrator • Adobe Photoshop
  11. Good Typing speed in English (at least 50 wpm) and Hindi (at least 35 wpm)