Academic Coordinator

  1. Oversee the  vertical alignment of curriculum
  2. Conceptualise ( alongwith the team )projects for  each assigned cohort and  monitoring their effective transaction.
  3. Conduct collaboration and grade level meetings(GLM) and updating  Principal about the same.
  4. Develop cohort and school timetable.
  5. Conduct demo classes for different instructional requirements.
  6. Create and compile all important Academic  policies and updating them with latest research.
  7. Create modules for core content and life and career skills.
  8. Approve engagement on LMS for the assigned cohort.
  9. Develop , monitor and evaluate benchmark for reading and writing.
  10. Evaluate evidences of learners’ work samples to strengthen the  benchmark to achieve world class  standards.
  11. Create a pool of research and resources for effective implementation of PBL.
  12. Plan the academic calendar  to enhance engagement of learners and parents for the assigned cohort.
  13. Facilitate workshops and training programs for their respective cohorts.
  14. Create  and  monitor arrival, dispersal duty roster .
  15. Attend to parent queries and respond promptly.
  16. Supervise timely submissions of lesson plans,engagements ,assessment sheets and PBL templates .
  17. Actively participate in  Marketing and other important school events
  18. Draft dry run schedules for important academic and co curricular events and give appropriate  feedback to elevate the quality of learners’ work.
  19. Proactively participate  in  developing  vision of being a world class organization .
  20. Plan high quality engagement amongst the respective team  members to create a culture of self driven learning and emotional well being.
  21. Maintain high quality standards of teaching and learning